Sidir Alfred Workflow

I've turned my very popular (cough cough) command line tool sidir into an Alfred 2 workflow.

Available here: Sidir Workflow

This new workflow approach makes the process of working with the apps installed in your simulator directory a snap.

Bring up Alfred v2 and type sidir


The returned hits will only contain simulators that actually have apps installed.

You can use the keyboard shortcuts or just tab complete to the correct simulator to make the search results show a list of installed apps for that simulator version.

app list

Simply hitting return on the app you want or using the keyboard shortcuts will open Finder at the sandbox for that application.

Yes that's right no more being confronted with this mess trying to find the app you are working on

finder mess

As an added bonus, you can hold alt whilst accepting a search result in Alfred and it will delete the sandbox. This uses some Applescript so it will be moved to the Trash and not clobber any files with the same name, which is always nice.